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Services We Offer:
Ultrasound - deep heat to get to deep muscles and tissue
Electrical stimulation- electrical impulses which can help reduce inflammation, spasm, pain and help increase strength
Low level cold laser therapy- a newer treatment based on light to decrease pain and inflammation and expediate healing
Manual hands-on therapy- to help increase motion, decrease pain and improve overall function which includes soft tissue mobilization similar to massage
Therapeutic exercises- exercises targeted specifically to you to restore your function and get you moving again 
Paraffin- hot wax, great for decreasing hand pain and stiffness 
Mechanical traction-  a stretching machine that helps to improve neck and back motion and reduce pain
Work conditioning- an exercise plan specifically designed to get you back to work, so you can function in your work environment
Fluidotherapy- a treatment that flows heated air through a medium of cellulose type material which is great for hand treatment and is very relaxing!
Balance rehabilitation:Having some issues with balance?  We can help that!

H-Wave:  a newer form of electrical stimulation that is longer lasting and gets more to the root of the problem and can decrease the need for pain medication!


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